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VariableImportanceExplanationExample value
CORE_URLMandatorythe URL dedicated to the Core of Cytominelocalhost-core

the URL(s) dedicated to one or more image server

Be careful that their value are space free even between two values

UPLOAD_URLMandatorythe URL for image upload


RETRIEVAL_URLAdvancedthe URL of retrieval serverlocalhost-retrieval
IIP_CYTO_URLAdvancedthe URL of Cytomine IIP serverlocalhost-iip-cyto
IIP_JP2_URLAdvancedthe URL of IIP server for JPEG2000localhost-iip-jp2


VariableImportanceExplanationExample value
IMS_STORAGEMandatoryA pre-existing filesystem path to store images (withtout ending /)/data (but not /data/)
IMS_BUFFER_PATHMandatoryA pre-existing filesystem path to IMS buffer (without ending /)/data/buffer (but not /data/buffer/)
ALGO_PATHMandatoryA pre-existing filesystem path to store Cytomine softwares (without ending /)/data/algo
RETRIEVAL_PATHMandatoryA pre-existing filesytem path to store retrieval data (without ending /)/data/thumb
BACKUP_PATHIf backupA pre-existing filesystem path to store auto backup