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  • BIOFORMAT_ENABLED : Enable the bioformat convertor to support more formats (VSI, OME-TIFF,...).

  • IRIS_ENABLED : Enable IRIS (see IRIS project)
  • IRIS_ID : ID. Usefull if we are admin of multiple IRIS version.
  • IRIS_ADMIN_EMAIL : The email adress where user will ask permissions for IRIS projects. 

You have two deployment options:

3.1 If you want to deploy on a local host :

First of all, the variables "XXX_URL" will not be visible outside of your local server. So, due to the Docker architecture (isolation of the Docker's containers), we need to apply some changes to authorize network communication between our IMS and CORE containers (see below for further details). To do so, add these URL values (CORE_URL, IMS_URLS, UPLOAD_URL, RETRIEVAL_URL) to your /etc/hosts file with the following format : "       XXX_URL".


Code Block	localhost-core	localhost-ims	localhost-ims2	localhost-upload	localhost-retrieval


In the file, we will also need to set the variable IS_LOCAL at true.

NB : Please be careful that some problems might appear if you use localhost instead of CORE_URL for a connection to Cytomine. So, keep using CORE_URL.

3.2 If you want to make your Cytomine instance accessible from anywhere :

Contact your institutional system/network administrator before installing Cytomine so that they create DNS entries and make their HTTP port (80) accessible for CORE_URL, IMS_URLS and UPLOAD_URL.



Step 4) Then, you can deploy Cytomine by launching these two following commands in the Bootstrap directory (the installation of Cytomine can take up to 1 hour depending on network and server speed):


You can log into Cytomine through the http://CORE_URL (by default: http://localhost-core/) in your web browser using the admin session (the password was asked during installation). If you did not install the "test data", you will have an empty instance. You have to create a project, users, ...

Please have look at our Cytomine User Guide for default usernames/passwords and see examples on toy data (You have to answer "yes" at the end of the installation procedure to inject these toy data).