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Here we describe how to install Cytomine Java Client and how to test basic features of Cytomine with it (there will be no major differences for Python).

First of all, launch Cytomine in your browser, go in your Account page (click on the user icon and on "Account") and save your public and private keys for the Java client.

Then, get the URL of the image server (IMS). We will also need the idStorage which can be found at the link http://CORE_URL/api/storage.json  (see Installation). 

Below we propose a template of a simple Groovy script with methods useful to add a project, add an ontology, upload an image and list annotations within an image.

1) Download and install the Cytomine Java Client on your local computer:


Then copy the content below into script.groovy file and run it with:

Groovy script



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